Waxing Services For Men-A Waxing Story

Waxing has gained a lot of popularity amongst men these days. Most big salons are offering waxing services for men. I decided to drag my husband along 10 years ago. It was a crazy idea. He sure does have a story to tell.

Nasal Hair Removal

I remembered watching in awe as a former colleague demonstrates nasal hair waxing. It was all giggles as she stuffed 2 q tips laden with hot wax in the insides of her nostrils. Waited till the wax harden and with a mighty swift pull, the latter couldn’t even catch her breath. Out came the wax and hairs, looking like dirty lollies!

Wait, what? Who would wax their nasal hairs? Here I’am witnessing this class demonstration. Can you believe it, nasal hair service is in the salon’s price list menu.

That was almost a decade ago.

Here goes

After dinner, I told my husband what we learned at work and asked if he wanted to try. He was pleased to be my guest of honor, the guinea pig. I was cool as a cucumber. I’m quite good at building trust, you see. No one can tell if I’m nervous or clueless. I’m just confident like that.

I got some q tips with some wax on and shove it up his nose. It was a funny sight. I can’t imagine people getting in the salon with q tips stuck up high in their nose and not laugh about it.

The mini waxing session went smoothly. My husband did great. No crying and screaming, considering the fact that it was his virgin wax. I did too. Yanking the wax ever so swiftly. It is not really that painful if it was done in one quick pull.

Before tossing the wax away, he did a good scrutinizing of the q tips and the insides of his baldy nose. Now he can proudly tell of his waxing tale to family members.


Is It A Good Idea Then?

I went holistic along the way as I grow older. I read few articles, or maybe it is just basic common sense, that nasal hair acts as a filter for your nose. It filters foreign objects and other particles. You wouldn’t want a stray fly to whiz right in your nose. Our body has its own unique way of protecting itself. I greatly agree. Which now, my husband owns a pair of nasal scissors. He prefers trimming now.

Hold Your Horses

Just a word of precaution, always do your research before doing something. There are countless articles and reviews on the internet, readily available at a click of a mouse. If you want to wax your nasal hair, that’s fine. As long as you know of any risk involved.