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Sweaty Armpit And All About The Underarm Care.

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Today you search for remedies and solutions on how to prevent sweaty armpit because the weather has been warmer and humid than usual. You turned up for a meeting with your best flowy chiffon blouse, only to realized (a little too late) that it had wet armpit stains.

After a long day grocery shopping and running errands, you can’t help but notice you smell a little funky in the underarm section. You exit the house smelling great, only to return home with an offensive odor. Your hygiene is immaculate but you just not sure how it went wrong.

These scenarios might resonates with you. We had our fair share of underarm troubles. Keep reading for the low-downs of everything underarm and how to keep them fresh.

Why The Sweaty Underarm?

Underarm is one of our important organ in our body. It contains rich nerves, sweat glands and many bean-shaped lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are responsible in assisting the immune system response and also acts as a filter for lymph fluid as it passes through them.

The sweat glands in the underarm is called the apocrine glands. Apocrine glands discharges secretions and excess waste products to the surface of the body. They function as our temperature regulator, producing sweat when our body needs to cool down. By perspiring, our body eliminates excess salt and the reason why our sweat is salty.

In short, our underarm is doing a major task in keeping healthy body function.

The Smell Nucleus

Fortunately, sweat itself does not produce any odor. Bacteria on your underarm is the main culprit here. It breaks down the molecules from your sweat, producing what we call the great BO(body odor). Keeping your underarm clean will help in reducing the offensive odor.

How clean is clean?

There are hundreds of antiperspirant brand out there promising sweat free, fruity smelling armpits. These products act as barrier on your skin to plug the pores so lesser sweat is produced. It also leaves sticky residue which needs thorough washing to remove. I would like to point out that hair follicles can also trap oils and bacteria so it is important to take this into consideration and up your washing game.

Bacteria Harboring

When trying to eliminate body odor, we tend to shave or wax our underarm hair to keep everything there as clean as possible. Hair can trap the production of sweats causing the bacteria to linger.

When it comes to shaving, have you ever thought about the bacteria on your razor? Unless you are using disposable razors, they don’t get tossed out after every use. It is important to keep shavers clean. All the buildup of dead skin and hair is a playground for germs and bacteria.

Rinse shaver with hot water before and after use. This kills germs and ensures you are using a clean razor every time.

The Armpit Detox

If you have been struggling to find natural ways to take better care of your underarm, have you ever tried the armpit detox? Skin being the largest organ in our body, absorbs all the chemical we apply. Imagine all the harsh chemicals in deodorant that got absorbed by our underarm. But what goes in, must come out. Consider an armpit detox to purge out those nasty toxins deodorant left behind.

Detox with bentonite clay and ACV.

These should be staple products in your household. They are versatile and very useful.

I swear by bentonite clay. We always have it in the house. It is useful for me and my baby’s eczema, we did detox bath every day during the flaring. We used it for face mask and also tooth powders.

ACV. Need I say more? It is great for salad dressings, washing fruits and vegetables, morning detox drink and the list goes on.

  • Bentonite clay
  • ACV
  • Water

Mix ACV and water to a 1:1 ratio. I prefer to dilute the vinegar to not irritate the sensitive area around the underarm.

Mix all ingredients to form a mixture, with consistency that is easy to apply. Not to pasty and not too runny. Apply thinly on both underarms, and leave on for 5 minutes. It is recommended to leave on longer but you can start with shorter period. Do as often as needed.

There are baking soda versions for an armpit detox. I prefer the bentonite clay better as it contains minerals. While detoxing, your body gets to absorb the minerals at the same time

After much research, most people who tried this detox find that they sweat and smell lesser. Even though it is not backed by science, the results seems promising enough to try.

Do keep in mind, this detox could take weeks or months to see results, depending on your body. You can’t detox something in one week that took years to accumulate.

Best Deodorant-Au Naturel

Deodorants and anti perspirant contains a lot of harmful chemicals which gets absorb in your body.

  • Parabens – linked to breast cancer
  • Aluminum compounds – these compounds can mimic estrogen, which promotes growth of breast cancer cells
  • Silica – it is a known skin irritant
  • Triclosan – endocrine disruptor

These are a few to list. Layering these chemicals on your lymph nodes rich area doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Fortunately there are more natural deodorants available in the market today.

These usually contains very minimal ingredients and are much safer to use. The most common ones are crystal deodorants. It is made up of purely mineral salt. It is unscented but look out for those that contains aluminum. You don’t want those nasties. I’m using Thai Deodorant Stone and you can read the reviews here.

Ideally, you can also use cornstarch. Dust some on your underarm after shower, it will keep you fresh and dry. I have yet to try these. Leave me some review if you have.

I found many amazing brands on iHerb as well. Read the labels first.

How about supporting small businesses? Try some freshly made batch from Etsy. There’re hundreds of sellers making homemade deodorant with natural safe ingredients with delicious scents.

In A Nutshell

Perspiring and sweat is healthy as it is a natural part of the way our body functions. Try the detox. Meanwhile, cleanse and freshen up after strenuous activity to reduce body odor.

If in doubt, consult with a physician.

I have ditched the conventional anti perspirant seven years ago. One of the best decision I made for my body.

What natural deodorant works for you? Let me know in comment and share your personal views.