How To Wax At Home And Why You Should

In my world, every one of my favourite beauty services should be easily and readily accesible to me and I’m talking about having my own waxing corner right at home. If you are like me, who thinks that waxing is a necessity, you have come to the right place.

If you are already a regular, you should know how expensive that can be. It is like an unnecessary wants but somehow it is still necessary for you. We can’t blame salons for charging at a higher price. They went through intensive service and product trainings. You are paying for a professional.

It may not be about the money, it could be about time instead. What if you are too busy to visit the salon? Your only available time is when all the salons are closed or you just couldn’t get an appointment slot. I’m talking about myself and I’m sure there are many alike. Prowaxingathome offers waxing solutions for personal use and waxing tips and tricks on how to wax at home. No more worries about visiting the salon.


Prowaxingathome shares the low downs on professional waxing equipments and products. It is suitable for own use as well as for home based business. Learn more about professional waxing products. It will be a good investment for your long term use.

I’m only a beginner. Is it suitable for a newbie?

It is highly advisable to get your first waxing appointment done at a professional salon, for you to get a feel how it will be like. You don’t want to be clueless, doing your first waxing at home with hot wax dripping all over. It is a learning curve but gets easier as time goes by. The more waxing you do on yourself, the more you will understand your hair better. As waxing uses heat to melt, do not apply wax that have been heated to a maximum straight on your skin.

But what if you have watched multiple waxing videos, have the guts of steel? Definitely, I greatly recommend you to start your waxing journey at home.

You are your own therapist

Being your own waxing lady means you are in charge of your own cleanliness. Most of the salons will prioritize hygiene but you never know how clean they are. If you are all scheduled for a waxing appointment, do take note of all this points.

  • Always insist that your therapist use a new, clean spatula. No double dipping. Double dips contaminate the wax. You won’t know how clean the previous customer or what has contaminate the wax. Always remember that.
  • Make sure your therapist are using a clean pair of gloves. Again, this are for hygiene purposes. It works both ways.
  • If using tweezers, make sure it is properly sanitized.
  • If you are doing Brazilian waxing, do your therapist a favor and make sure you are all cleaned up before the service starts. It is helpful to bring along a wet tissue.

If you have your own equipments and doing all your waxing on your own, then you will have a peace of mind because you are your own therapist and you are in charge of your own cleanliness. Take all the necessary steps for a hygienic waxing session at home. It is not complicated at all. It is just common sense.

Start your own side hussle

If you do this on a regular basis and good with what you are doing, why not create a side income for yourself? Stock up on professional equipments and products here. Offer your service at the comfort of your own home or at your customer’s.

The Pain Of Waxing

Will it hurt? Well, it really depends on your pain threshold. I have waxed for years yet still feel pain. It may be just me, as all of our body is different. It may not hurt for some people.

We have seen many videos countless times when people went hysterical while getting their wax done. Let me tell you, and assure you this, it is not as painful as how they portray it to be. One reason I believe it was very agonizing painful for them is because they are panicking. Fear causes adrenaline rush. That is when your heart rate goes up and your waxing will be very painful. Learn to relax. Relax is a commonly used term but is so simple that people won’t believe what a difference it will make to minimize pain. So, take a few deep breaths and relax.

During my waxing days in the salon, I have learn a few techniques from my regular therapist to minimize the pain during waxing. It works wonderfully well throughout the session.

  • Prior to waxing, rinse the area first with warm water. This opens up the pores and makes waxing easier.
  • Exhale when pulling the strip.
  • Immediately apply some pressure on the skin with the palm of your hand after stripping off the wax. Personally this feels comforting on the freshly waxed skin. I would definitely recommend this when you are doing your Brazilian waxing as the area is very sensitive.
  • If it is your first time having it done in the salon, chat with your therapist. It will help you relax a bit. If you are at home, switch on some Netflix. Easy.

Save money

It took me 4 waxing sessions to realise that it is an expensive needs. I used to offer manicure and pedicure services at customer’s home. It was there that I saw the little waxing machine sitting at her bathroom. I told myself I need to go and get one. And I did, never turn back. My husband bought 1 for me and that was the best gift that lasted for many years and saved me so much money. My machine lasted almost 10 years and I only remember buying 4 rounds of wax pellets. Can you imagined how much money you can save? If you think that waxing on your own is impossible, let me tell you that it is possible.

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