Pimples After Waxing-Simple Ways To Prevent It

pimples after waxing

Even though waxing is a recommended method of hair removal, not all will get the same satisfying results. On certain sensitive skin, it can lead to pimples after waxing.

Post itch, bumps and redness are very common complaints and these will subside within the day.

Irritations like pimples, little pustules and some even more serious cases like Molluscum Contagiosum developing after waxing are signs that you should be wary of.

However, cases like these can be prevented and it may not be about the case of sensitive skin after all.

It all comes down to cleanliness.

These pointers are useful for your next waxing or when finding yourself a trustworthy waxing parlor.

Cleanliness Of The Waxing Parlor

Always ensure that the parlor you are visiting practices high standards of hygiene. Look at their working area, look in their wax pots. I’m not surprised if you find little hairs in there.

Do they change their paper sheet on the bed before and after every waxing?

Do they sanitize their tweezers?

Are the wax pot properly cleaned, with no traces of wax drips and strings? If her pot is spotless, you know she takes the extra measures to keep everything clean. But sometimes it is unavoidable too when it is busy. As long as it is not grossly dirty.

Are their wax pot covered when not in use?

How many therapists uses that same pot? Ensures that every therapist have the same standards of hygiene. This will be a bit challenging finding out. No one knows what happen behind closed door. The lesser it is shared, the better.

One thing I’m particular about when visiting wax parlors or salon is that they offer blankets which has been used multiple times. It does not smell fresh and some was even tainted with perfume from the previous customer.

It may not be a big deal and you cannot expect them to change a new one for each of every 20 customers per day(not economical), which will only be used to cover up legs or chest.

Instead, refuse their blankets, bring your own little shawls or request a new blanket (waxing parlors will hate me).

One important pointer is that there should be no double dipping of waxing spatula. When you see a waxing parlor uses a plastic spatula, it is often a questionable sign. Ask if they change after every customer but based on my experience, these spatulas will be reused as it is more cost effective.

If it was me, I’d run for the hills.

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What Is Double Dipping

Double dipping means taking wax from the pot using a spatula and reuse it again for every application. It will only be tossed away after the session ends.

Our skin contains many microbes and bacteria. Dipping the same spatula after it has touched the skin will contaminate the wax.

Some parlors claim that it is hard to contaminate wax when double dipping, since the waxing pot is always heated. Instead, they opt for a “safer” method which is to only allow double dipping on strip waxes, which won’t be used on private areas, like brazilian or bikini.

Unless if the waxing pot is on high temperatures like 150°F continuously, double dipping will contaminate wax.

Fortunately, in these modern days, we are seeing more waxing parlors implementing stricter guidelines and choose to not double dip.

Pimples After Waxing

Developing pimples after waxing are due to dirt and bacteria. Either the skin is dirty or by using contaminated wax.

Waxing removes hair from the follicles, leaving pores open.

It is important that the therapist’s hands and the wax are clean. We won’t know what skin diseases the previous customer have.

Bacteria and germs can settle in the pores thus developing into pimples.

Pimples take a while to heal. Especially for darker skinned, they tend to leave scars.

Even though being cautious is a little bothersome, it is not worth to get breakouts or other worst infections.

Bring Your Own Stuff

If you really have to get your waxing done in an unfamiliar salon, consider bringing your own set of applicators. You have to make sure they don’t double dip first.

Things you need:

  • disposable wooden spatulas(large ones for big areas, small ones for face). You can buy this from most salon suppliers.
  • cotton squares
  • witch hazel
  • coconut oil(or oil of choice)
  • alcohol solution
  • hand sanitizer
  1. Get everything in small little bottles and keep in a Ziploc bag.
  2. Before the session, have your therapist clean her hands by washing or you can offer her your sanitizer. Get your hands clean too. Do not touch freshly waxed skin with unclean hands.
  3. Wipe your skin with alcohol solution using a piece of cotton. This is to prep the skin, removing any oil, dirt and bacteria before waxing.
  4. After waxing is done, saturate a piece of cotton with coconut oil. Use this to remove any wax residue. Coconut oil is said to have anti bacterial properties. Not sure how true, but I like coconut oil. Use any oil you like.
  5. Wipe skin again with alcohol using a new piece of cotton.
  6. Lastly, wipe skin with witch hazel. This acts as a toner and will close back your pores. Witch hazel is also soothing to the skin and reduces inflammation.

These methods ensure that everything is sterile and will greatly minimize your chances of developing post waxing breakouts.

Final Word

When choosing a good waxing parlor, communication is important. Always voice out your concerns when in doubt. A good therapist should be able to handle queries professionally.

Most waxing parlours are trustworthy and prioritise on cleanliness and the needs of their clients.

Try these methods and give waxing a chance.

If you have better ideas that prevents post waxing pimples, let me know in the comments. I love reading other suggestions.