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Nice Feet, Nice Toes? 4 Tips To Maintain Your Pedicure.

Pedicures are expensive which usually will only last you 1 or 2 weeks. Before you know, your once super smooth legs are back in their former self. Dry, chipping nail polish with cracked heels.

Here are some tips to maintain your feet and extend their beauty before your next appointment is due. After all, nice sandals pairs with nice feet.

Dry Heels

The first thing most people notice the difference after a pedicure are their heels. We love touching and admiring our newly pedicured feet. You feel totally amazed at how soft and smooth they are. Either that, or you are just checking if the therapist did a thorough job.

To maintain the smoothness of the heels, invest in a good quality foot file. On alternate days, try to file your heels at the end of the day, right after your shower. That is when skin has softened and it will be easily removed. Don’t forget the arch of your foot. You might find plenty of dead skin there. For better result, exfoliate right after.

Wearing socks protects the feet and also help in preventing the heels to get rough over time.

Long Lasting Polish

To keep nail polish adheres well to nails, always make sure nail plates are clean and free of dirt and dust. During the painting of the nail polish, request your therapist to paint the tip of your nails as well. Our nails expand and soften when in contact with water. Polished nails will chip away more easily if the tips are not well painted.

Extra tips for manicure: Try to wear gloves while washing the dishes and don’t make your nails as a tool. Buy a few bottles of your favorite glitter.

Make sure it is a mixture of fine and big glitters. Apply them in a gradual method.

  • Applying glitter at the tip of your nails will camouflage chipped nails well, making it less obvious.
  • Applying glitter along the base of your nail will hide gaps from grown out nails.

These tricks will hide imperfections from chipped or overdue pedicures. However, most new bottles of glitter are very fluid. You may need to apply 3-4 thin layers.

If getting regular nail polish fails, opt for gel nails instead. They are far longer lasting. Apply oils everyday on cuticle areas to prevent dryness.


Make exfoliation as part of your regular routine. It will also prevent ingrown hairs. Scrub your legs using firm pressure, not forgetting in between your toes.

Body scrubs does not have to expensive. I have found many wonderful recipes for body scrubs using sugar and with oil of your choice. If you are feeling a little extra, add in a couple of drops of essential oils and mix everything well. Always exercise precautions when using essential oils.


We all know freshly pedicured legs looks so fresh and clean. After all those scrubbing, it is followed up with moisturizers. Everyday hot showers, air conditioners and all the walking will make your feet dry and dull. Freshen up your legs by using a moist towelette to wipe clean skin followed by moisturizer. Always apply moisturizers on damp skin. This will help with absorption and you will feel less greasy. I always prefer oil to creams. How about body oils? Customized your own in a small pump bottle and carry along with you. Learn how to make your own body oil. Add some shimmer for a bronze glow.

  • Half cup of sweet almond oil (any oil you prefer)
  • 1-2 teaspoon of gold shimmer, depending on how subtle you like. You can use an old eye shadow or bronzer. Crush it into fine particles.
  • 2 drops of essential oil (optional)

Give Them Some TLC

tend to neglect our feet. Treat them with some tender loving care, as good as the rest of your body. When they look good, they feel good. Give them good massages before sleep or after a long walk. Apply more rich creams as they are more exposed to the harsher elements so they are prone to more wrinkles. Go for paraffin treatments on your next pedicure session. These are deeper acting moisturizers. You will absolutely love it.

Are you the kind who shows off your feet or hide them in covered shoes due to lack of care?