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Maintaining Smooth Skin

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Everyone should start their morning great even if they woke up in the wrong side of the bed. Boost up your shower. Go for a mini spa experience. Workloads and house chores can wait. Remember, self care comes first. Achieving that is rather simple actually. No expensive products involved. I’m sharing with you about using dry brush and the plentiful benefits of dry brushing your skin.

dry brush

Smooths Out Dry Flaky Skin

I’ve been battling with eczema ever since in my 20s. My skin flares when I’m stress or when I ate too much unbalanced meal. Love pastas and burgers though. If you have dry flaky eczema, this method might be beneficial for you.

During my eczema journey, a dear friend introduced dry brushing to me. She has chronic eczema and she raved about dry brushing so much that I decided to get one. It was an inexpensive brush made from natural fibers. Always go for the natural fibers, ladies. I bought one from Iherbs. She told me how smooth her skin felt after dry brushing.

Dry brushing removes dead skin cells leaving new smoother skin. I had remarkably soft smooth skin after dry brushing religiously every day. Do it first thing in the shower. Followed by your normal cleansing routine. The very last step is to try to rinse the whole body with cool water. It c

Stimulates The Lymphatic System

It is most recommended to dry brush in the morning before shower. No water needed. With minimal pressure, using long strokes, starting from the toes and legs moving to the top, brushing towards the lymph node points, towards the heart. Go check out many videos available on the proper way to do dry brushing on YouTube. It invigorates the skin and stimulates the lymphatic system to boost detoxification. Our body absorbs toxic every day. Skin is the largest organ on our body. It absorbs whatever we apply on our skin. Dry brushing will definitely help move those lymphatic draining.


Essential Oils

Want a more spa like or a relaxing experience? Splurge on good quality essential oils and incorporate them to your dry brushing ritual. Try lavender or chamomile for relaxation. I personally love dry brushing with bergamot or frankincense. Rub a drop onto palms of your hand and on to the brush. Your body will absorb all that benefits from the oil as you brush. Always use precautions when using essential oils.


Dry brushing will help minimize the appearance of cellulite too. The brushing will help to distribute fatty deposits evenly, thus a smoother looking skin. Try doing consistently and see results for yourself. There are more ways to reduce cellulite, dry brushing is just one of the ways.

Dehydrate and Moisturize

After dry brushing, try to cleanse with cold water. This will close up the pores and minimize dryness from what hot showers does. It keeps the natural oils in the skin.

Did you know there is a thing called cold therapy. It actually strengthens our mitochondria. So many health benefits and I vouch for cold therapy. But that is another story.

Moisturize after every shower when skin is still damp. This will keep skin moisturize rather than greasy as the skin will absorb moisturizers better with damp skin. I highly recommend natural oils such as sweet almond oil to be applied after dry brushing and cleansing. Sweet almond oil contains vitamin E. It is like super food for the skin.

Last but not least, drink plenty of water throughout the day. To have smooth skin, body needs to be properly hydrated. This will also help the detoxification process.

I have been dry brushing for three years and absolutely loving the results. Are you already using dry brush? Let me know on the comments.