Important Things You Should Know Before Doing Your Waxing


Impostant Things You Should Know Before Doing Your Waxing

Waxing is pretty harmless but due to some conditions you have, it may lead to potential bruising, cuts and scarring.

Most beauty salons and waxing parlors require you to fill up and sign a form. These are usually called client consultation cards which you then have to declare all your health conditions and medicine prescriptions. Your information is helpful to know if there are any contraindications that prevent the therapist from carrying out any treatments on you. It is also used to protect from clients making any insurance claims against the salon.

I once have to apologetically turned down a client because she was not well-informed. I felt bad for her because it was her birthday and she wanted to treat herself to her first wax experience.

Checklist yourself before making your appointment.

Here are some important things you should know before doing your waxing.

On Medication

Waxing shouldn’t be done if you are on hormonal and acne related prescriptive medication that contains Retin A or peeling agents. These medications tend to make skin more sensitive and skin are more likely to react during waxing. It temporarily impairs the skin’s ability to heal and waxing has to be avoided.

You must be off of this medication for three months and some goes up to a year. Always check with your doctor accordingly.

List of medications that can cause skin sensitivities:-

  • Oral/topical antibiotics
  • Blood thinners
  • Retin A/retinol
  • Accutane
  • Acne medications

Acid Based Products

Topical application of salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid are some examples of acid based products. It is a powerful exfoliator. It is advisable not to use these products 7 days before waxing appointments.

Products with high percentage(8% and above) of acid based contents can thin down skin which can cause irritation or microscopic tears(lifting) due to waxing.

Take note of this too:-

  • Hair bleaching agents(usually used on upper lip)
  • Skin bleaching agents(hydroquinone etc)
  • Chemical depilatories
  • White willow bark extract
  • Chemical peel
  • Microdermabrasion

If unsure, check with your dermatologist.


Would having your spray tan before or after waxing make any difference?

The answer is yes.

Waxing removes hair at the same time lifting dead skin cells away. Unless you want a patchy tan, spray tan should be done after your waxing. Have your tan scheduled few days after is probably the best. It also allows the skin to calm down from any post waxing bumps.

Tanning adheres better and lasts longer on clean exfoliated skin.

Rule of the thumb- exfoliate, wax, tan.

Sun Burnt

If you have stayed for longer periods under the sun, do not get yourself waxed. The skin is irritated, dry and parched. Waxing is just going to make it worse. Get your skin to calm down and wait 2-3 days before scheduling your appointment.

This also applies to tanning booths that uses UV lights.

Sun Burnt


Some people with diabetes have skin which takes longer to heal from cuts and wounds. Waxing are usually safe but may cause microscopic tears. Especially if you are diabetic, this is something you should take note of.


Menses causes some hormonal shift in your body and it could also cause your nerves to be super sensitive. Waxing during your menses(with a tampon, of course) or nearer to your menstrual dates will cause waxing to be more painful.

Best to avoid dates when your waxing is due.

Talking about pain, some clients take aspirin 30 minutes before their waxing session. I have never tried this. There are a lot of recommendations for this method. You can try but do your research first. Some salons do sell numbing creams too, just so you know.

1/4 Inch

After you pass all the checklist, it is important to have your hair as long as 1/4 inch. If you are unsure, it is around the length of a grain of rice.

This is often the mistake a first timer or clients who shave makes.

Wax will not able to grip hair that is too short. For longer hairs, most therapist will trim first.

It is best to trim at home as to not prolong the session causing delay to the next appointment slot.

I hope these guidelines are helpful. Ensure that the waxing parlor is trusted and reliable. Communication is key. Make sure you are comfortable with therapist and let he/she knows of any issues you may have before you start the treatment.

If you have always wanted to your own waxing at home, check out my other posting on a professional waxing kit.

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