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How To Remove Unibrow-Beginners Guide

Unibrows (or some call it mono brows), are two eyebrows that “unite” at the bridge of the nose. No pun intended.

Unibrows are mostly genetics. It is like the unwanted facial hairs that you are willing to rid of permanently. If you do not have the confidence to embrace them, hair removals are easily accessed nowadays.

There are different ways of hair removal I’m listing down below starting with more cost effective method. You’ll decide which will suit your preference.


All beginner start shaping their eyebrow with the good old tweezers. It is high time to get a good quality one. I recommend the one with the slanted tip.

Plucking uni brows with  tweezers can be more painful and a little time-consuming, as you have to pluck each strand one at a time. I will personally use tweezers to pluck stray hairs, but it doesn’t mean that it is not a good method. Tweezers are suitable for newbies as it allows you to work slowly around your brows with minimal risk of over doing.


This is an easy painless method. However, the cons of using this method is that you will risk having ingrown hairs and leave the shaven area with dark stubs. I blame this on improper exfoliation as ingrowns are usually caused by clogged hair follicles or pores.

Other than that, it is rather a cheap, quick and easy method to shape your eyebrows but I’d recommend this for the emergency quick fix only.




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Waxing is not really complicated for uni brows. You just have to be careful on how you place the strips. Wax strips, or commonly known as cold wax, comes in box of ready to use wax strips. Cut your strip in smaller pieces for eyebrows.

Make sure area is clean, free of oil or moisturizer. Strips have to be rubbed on the palm of your hands to create heat, to melt the wax. These strips are suitable for other facial hairs as well.


Threading is originally from middle eastern and Indian countries. This method uses a double thread which is then twisted to create scissor like motion. When rolled over on unwanted hair, it plucks hair from the roots, similar like tweezing and waxing. It is usually done by a skilled therapist.

Finding Your Brow Start Point

The most foolproof way to tweeze, wax or shave your eyebrows is to do a brow map. Brow map is like a template on how you are going to shape your eyebrows that best suits your features.

Brow maps may look complicated, but it really isn’t. Since we are referring to the uni brows, you don’t have to do much but you only need to find your brow start point.

You need an eyebrow pencil to do some quick markings.

  • To find the ideal start point( the point where you want your eyebrow to start), hold your eyebrow pencil(pencil tip up) to your face vertically inline with your nostril. Make vertical marking where the tip hits your brow, going down towards to where stray hair ends. This will be the start point for your eyebrow.
  • Repeat same steps for the other eyebrow.
  • Remove hairs in between the markings, where the stray hairs grow on the bridge of the nose.

And you are done!

Your skin will tend to get red but it will go away in a few hours. Try to get it done a day before any big events.

Which method suits you? Or do you prefer to embrace your unique features? Let me know in the comments section.