How To Remove Ingrown Hair And How to Treat Them


So you had your first waxing. You basked in the glory of luxurious smooth skin. You are scheduled for every month’s appointment, to the point of calling the therapist at the salon your friend.

One day you noticed there is a red bump. It is itchy and sore at the same time, like a pimple. You notice that there is a tiny tuft of hair poking out of the skin. The Dr Pimplepopper in you can’t stand the urge as you dig and tweeze the hair out.

The next month, the same thing again. Another bump. So is the following month and it is getting more.

Welcome my friend, to the Ingrown Hair Club. You probably have googled it to land yourself here. Ingrown hair is annoying.

Here is some in depths about those pesky bumps.


Why Do You Have Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is basically hair that is trapped in the hair follicle covered by the epidermis of your skin. You probably can see it through the skin. Sometimes it just appear as a red angry bump. It is usually sore to the touch, just like a pimple and itchy at the same time.

When this happen in your nether region( think Brazilian wax ), it will be a cause of concern as it is the most sensitive area and usually mistaken as a more serious case. Don’t get your anxiety too high. Ingrown hair is very common especially post hair removal.

Ingrown hair happens when the hair follicles are clogged with dead skin. So instead of growing outward and upward, hair grows side ward.


How To Remove Them

Most ingrown hair will resolve on its own. But you won’t always get lucky. Fortunately removing them is quite easy.

Moisten your skin and use hot compress to open up pores and loosen up the hair follicles. Ideally, you can do this after a warm shower.

Using a tweezer, try to pull the hair out. You can use a sharp needle and create an opening on skin. Always wash skin clean and use a sterile needle and tweezer.

Always tweeze slowly, making sure you are pulling from the roots.

What Products Are Recommended

You can use products containing Salycilic acid. These acids exfoliate skin and aids in the removal of ingrown hair. Apply everyday on the affected area.

I highly recommend Depileve Folisan Intimate Roll On. Contains Salycilic acid and comes in a mini 28oz bottle with roll tip for easy application.

With the consistency of liquid jelly, use daily on waxed or shaven area until hair grows again. This will exfoliate skin and prevent blockages of hair follicles. These are also suitable men. It can be used on beard and neck areas.

How To Prevent Ingrown Hair

Unfortunately ingrown hair tends to occur on every hair removal method. Here are some tips to minimize the occurrences of ingrown.

  • When shaving, try not to pull skin too taut. Shaving cuts off the hair, creating sharp tip. After the skin is released, the tip is now too short and closer to the skin surface. This might cause the hair to grow sideways, going under the skin, thus creating ingrown.
  • Waxing usually will not cause ingrown. The method of waxing is different from shaving. Waxing pulls the hair from the roots while shaving cuts the hair. It is not done properly when the hair breaks during the stripping. This creates a sharp tip which will then become ingrown. Tweeze hair out if there is any breakage from waxing.
  • If you are done waxing and shaving, consider doing IPL. Being the most costly treatment in this list, IPL has been around for many years being one of the safe, non-invasive permanent hair removal treatment. Controlled flashes of lights heats up hair bulb, damages the hair and also the regrowth potential of the follicles. However, IPL is only effective on hair with dark pigments. Session is quick but results are longer lasting.

When Is It A Concern?

Most ingrown will pop out of the skin and resolve on their own. It is rare to get complications from an ingrown hair.

However, if the redness does not subside and filled with pus, stop googling for answers. It is high time to give your doctor a visit to rule out any infection. Even if it is not an infection, it will give you a peace of mind.

I have had my fair share of ingrown too. The shared tips above are based on my experience.

What works for you? Share your stories in the comments below.