Facial Wax Strips And The Negative Review

Facial Wax Strip

I was about to create an article on the best brands for facial wax strips but I think I have to share the cons of using those store bought wax strips, after reading bad reviews.

First of all, if you don’t know what is a face wax strip, it is basically plastic strips with a tiny amount of wax, ready to use to remove hairs from small areas like, eyebrows, side burns and upper lip.

Before purchasing a box, you have got to read this first. Beginners especially, this is something you should know.

Sorry, trying hard not to sound dramatic.


Facial waxing strips are a convenient way to get your facial hair removed without the hassle of salon visits. It could just be that little fuzz on the sides of your cheeks or that fine uni brow that doesn’t really require a professional to have it waxed. These strips come in pieces of rectangular doubles and can be easily cut into smaller sections. It is cheap and easy to use.

Whoever invented this strips is a genius and it sure creates a lot of profits.

We could have just embrace our body and facial hairs but we chose to stress ourselves over this minuscule issue. Just saying.


People love reading negative reviews, so do I. It is not a bad thing. You can make a well-informed decision after reading both bad and good reviews.

After scouring multiple brands, even the ones with the 4.5/5 ratings, I can’t help but noticed all its bad ratings have 2 complaints in common.

  • Wax does not effectively remove hairs
  • Waxing tears skin. This one is the alarm bell.

Most times, these wax strips works like a charm. It is easy to use and results are a 2 thumbs up and people are buying, leaving good reviews. Unfortunately a small percentage won’t have that same experience.

Let me explain further.

Wax does not effectively remove hairs – Facial wax strips are good for fine hairs only. The amount that is on the strips are usually not sufficient to pull thick hairs and what most people would do is to try to wax again on the same area to try to get more hairs off. That is a big no no.

In short, facial strip wax won’t work on thick hairs.

Waxing tears skin – The face especially is a very sensitive area. You have to be extra careful when waxing. Facial wax strip uses “sticky wax” that sticks on hair and also the skin. When stripping away the wax, it must be done in one swift pull. For wax to cause tears on the skin, it is either the pulling method is not quick enough or the skin is highly sensitive and thin.

Read also Important Things You Should Know Before Doing Your Waxing. In some situation, your skin is not suitable for waxing.

Some of these negative reviews comes with pictures. As I said earlier, I’m trying not to sound dramatic but after seeing those images, I feel it is a must to share the cons of facial waxing because it really is a bad sight. It is painful and may lead to scarring.

How To Wax Safely

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent skin tears if you decided on using facial wax strip.

Applying powder. I have seen therapists dusting talcum powder on the skin before waxing to prevent wax from sticking too much on skin surface, minimizing the risk of skin tears. It is also supposed to make it less painful. Maybe this could be true, but the last time my therapist did that, it does not prove otherwise.

Patch test. Always perform a patch test first. Said the person who doesn’t do patch test.

I don’t have sensitive skin but I need to highlight how important patch test is. Wax a small area of your skin where it is less visible. This will determine whether your skin is able to tolerate the pulling of the wax. Always wax in small patches. Don’t be in a hurry or too ambitious.

Best Solution For Face Wax

In my honest opinion, “sticky wax” is not a good choice for facial waxing, especially if you have sensitive skin. The best option is by using the hard wax. This is the same wax that are used to do a brazilian or bikini wax. Hard wax does not stick on skin and only grips on the hair. Skin tearing is greatly reduced making it safe for waxing on facial areas.

Hard wax are available in small microwaveable pot. This is easier on the pocket and does not take up space. However, do take note that temperature cannot be adjusted and might be too hot. Always test wax on your inner wrist first.

I would totally recommend that you invest in a wax warmer. It is heat adjustable and stores more wax making hair removal on other areas easier.

Another good alternative to try for facial epilation is sugar paste. Sugar paste are made of natural ingredients and does not stick on skin. It only grips on hair similar like hard wax. However, there is a slight difference in application.

Read Sugar Waxing Hair Removal And How To Make Your Own to learn more about sugaring and its different techniques of application.

My Final Say

There are many satisfied users of facial wax strips and I’m not saying these products are bad. I was a user before. However, mishaps can happen and this is a little precaution to take.

I have waxed for 25 years and only recently learned that facial wax strips can pose risks. It somewhat surprised me as products like these are made for sensitive areas. I’m sure these companies have disclaimers on their box which most of the time, we ignored. I’m guilty of not reading instruction leaflets.

This a great reminder to always exercise precaution when doing your waxing.

Do you have any bad experience with waxing? Do share in the comment section.

I hope this post benefits you!