Easy Home Business Ideas

Are you one of the many who think that you can run the business better than your higher authority? Or maybe you think you can come up with better advertising ideas than your office’s advertising team? You have this hidden talent that you think will be a good use to the company but no one is seeing your potential? Feeling stuck in your monotonous working life and the hum drums of weekday activity?

If life is making you unhappy, go for a change. Go out of your comfort zone and try something new. Ever want to start working from home but still searching for ideas? Here are some, low capital, home based business ideas that might get you interested.


If you have lots of patience and love kids, try babysitting. Most are paid by the hour. You can choose to babysit at their house or at your own. Decide if you want to do this during the weekdays, weekends or both. You can charge a flat rate but mostly will differ, especially weekends, overnight or in cases of any last minute emergencies. You are your own boss. Set out the rules clearly before agreeing on anything. There are cases whereby parents refuse to pay their babysitter after service rendered. This is annoying and very unfair. Maybe try to get a deposit before you take up the job.

If you manage to please the parents and also their kids, most probably they will engage you regularly in the long run. Babysitting is quite easy or can be a challenging job. It all depends on the quality of the service that you wanted to offer. Parents definitely love babysitter who can play and at the same time offer educational activities as well. It will be an added advantage if you can offer Montessori based learning especially for smaller kids. Or if you are babysitting in your own house, maybe offer healthier menus for meals and snacks with an additional pricing rate. This is just a suggestion. Remember, you are your own boss but it is also important to be flexible as there are a lot of competitions.


Offering a runner service is very helpful these days. Basically you offer your service to buy groceries, meals or deliveries. Very helpful service for busy individuals. There are bigger companies offering the same service. Why join third parties when you can gain all the profits?

With just a bicycle, you can offer your service for your own neighborhood. Run advertising in social media or give away pamphlets. These are low capital investment. But if you already own a motorcycle or a car, that will be an advantage as you can travel and take more jobs.

Home Baker

You don’t have to be a master chef to be a home baker. Practice on perfecting your favorite specialties and you are ready to sell. Be a niche baker, maybe, selling your grandma’s secret recipe pie, maybe. Start small and slowly build up your creations menu. Try to source out bulk ingredients as these tend to be cheaper than buying baking supplies at the supermarkets. Be a reliable home baker and take up basic food and hygiene courses. These will gain confidence and trusts in your customers. Advertise on social media. Learn about good photo taking techniques. A good product photo will anticipate customers to buy. Do your research on the market rate. If you want to charge at a higher price, state the reason why as customers likes transparency.

Home Based Salon

Unless you are already an experienced therapist, performing beauty services on clients requires a good basic skill. The more services you can offer, all the better. Concentrate on what you are good at and of your interest. Your business can be based at home or a portable salon.

Manicurist- Opt to learn the basic manicure and pedicure skills. There are many wonderful YouTube videos to watch and learn. Being a good manicurist takes a lot of practice. Practice. Give free services to friends and family members. All the practicing will make you a better skilled manicurist. Create special offers on manicure parties, kids parties, ladies get togethers. If you well skilled, you can upgrade yourself and learn nail extensions. Remember to be flexible to cater to all your clientele needs. Not everyone loves over the top designs and ideas.

Waxing lady- Doing waxing is quite easy. All is you need is a waxing machine, right? You can offer easy basic service like that or you can stand out from the rest and offer salon professional service. Invest in proper salon use equipment, good quality products. Offer personalized services. Clients will definitely pay for your service if you are better than the neighborhood salon.

Always up your hygiene and sanitation. Keep everything sanitize.


Being in business is challenging. You got to keep up with the market and grow. Learn is a big word. Business also requires you to be at your very best as it is representing your brand. Always do your research on pricing. Usually being your own boss requires you to work more hours than your existing job. Unless you have huge capital, most new startups is a one man show. It is all pure hard work and determination. All success started small. You may not continue with your initial business plans but it might open doors to other bigger opportunities.

These are my limited thoughts and views based on what I have seen and experienced. I have had failed business once. After 6 years, I decided I want to try again. How about you? How did you decide to start your own business? Leave your stories below and hopefully inspire others.