Different Types Of Wax

different types of wax


Call me outdated, but in the world of waxing I have only known 2 kinds of wax. A strip wax and hard wax. After digging deeper in the waxing topic, I didn’t know there are a few different types of wax. Some of these waxes sounded so fancy, like they are good enough to eat.

They have different purposes and benefits for each wax. These wax are easily available on online stores.

I did some research on this and compiled a few well-known types. I have broken the sections down for easier understanding.

Soft wax, Creme wax, Strip wax, Hot Wax, Cold Wax

It goes by many names and can get pretty confusing.

These are waxes that requires a strip to pull the wax from skin. It is sticky and does not harden in room temperature. It is typically used for all over body wax, like the back, tummy, legs and arms. I won’t recommend this for underarm, facial and intimate areas.

However, some waxing parlors uses wax like these for sensitive areas because these wax sticks to the skin and able to grip and pull the finest hair.

I personally think, it is cost effective but have to be done by a professional. Requires a lot of skills and training for you to be handling wax like these on sensitive and intimate areas.

Hard Wax, Stripless Wax

Wax like these harden(rock solid) at room temperature and doesn’t require any strip cloth. Perfect for sensitive and intimate areas.

honey wax

Honey Wax

These are soft wax with the extract of honey, basically. Some even refers this to sugar wax, made with a mixture of sugar and honey.

*I made a post about sugaring here with recipe!

It probably has some added benefits of honey, but it is contradicting. Honey heated in high temperature loses all its beneficial enzymes.

Zinc Oxide Wax

If you have ultra sensitive skin, this might be for you. It is specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Zinc oxide are mainly used for skin damages and irritations. It acts as a protective barrier on your skin.

Most baby diaper rash’s cream are made with zinc oxide.

You get the idea.


Azulene Wax

Azulene is a natural occurring substance found in many plants and organisms. For waxing purposes, azulene is usually extracted from chamomile. It has soothing skin calming properties with an aromatic scent

Chocolate Wax

This decadent wax proves to be well-loved by the dessert lovers. It is formulated with cocoa seed extract that boasts moisturizing and antioxidant properties.

Most salon charges extra for this.

This is quite a popular choice, however when buying wax, do read the ingredients to be sure you it is with cocoa seed extract. Most wax are only with added fragrance.

chocolate wax


These are some of the few that I managed to research based on their different properties. There are much more but mostly are made with just an added fragrance.

If you want to splurge and spend a bit more on your wax, I couldn’t stress this enough-read the labels. Read the ingredients. Be sure that your azulene wax are with azulene extract, your chocolate wax are with cocoa extract etc.

I hope this post helps in your hunt for the perfect wax. I always encourage to get your waxing done at home. It can be pretty low cost and simple. Read up more here, where I explain why.

If you have any great wax recommendations, do let me know in the comments section.