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Crystal Deodorant Review. Tried and Tested.

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If you are looking for the all natural deodorant, let me recommend you this wonderful product. So simple yet packs a mighty punch at eliminating body odor.

Brand name : Thai Deodorant Stone

Cost : $4.80, 120g

This crystal deodorant are only made with mineral salts and nothing else. Not even aluminum. I have created a post regarding harmful chemicals in deodorant and all about underarm care here.

Read the labels, people. Not all natural products are made with natural ingredients.

Certain natural deodorants might contains baking soda. If you have sensitive underarms, you might want to err on the safe side as baking soda will irritate skin, what they refer to as “baking soda burn”.

Take it from me. I bought a lovely handmade, vanilla lime scented deodorant from Etsy years ago. The smell was divine but unfortunately it burns my pits.

After much investigation, baking soda was the culprit.


This brand got my husband’s approval as the only natural deodorant that works for him. He spends long hours working outdoors and this deodorant passed the test, keeping body odors at bay.

Application is on clean, moist skin. Recommended applying after shower before drying. I highlighted clean because odors are easily transferred to the stick. Then you will have funky smelling deodorant stick. However, it can be easily washed away with water.

The whole tube lasted around two months.


  1. It is not scented. I’d love a scented deodorant stick but that is something I can live without if it makes stinky armpits go away.
  2. It breaks. It is a big piece of salt and can be fragile. Just be careful not to drop it.

I have not much negative reviews on this deodorant stick. We made repeated purchase and made it our staple body care products. It is cheap and good.

You just have to try it for yourself.

Do you have any recommendations for a great natural deodorant? List them down below in the comments section. I love new products discovery,.