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Cheap Waxing Kits – eBay Haul



ebay, online shoppingThis post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure here.

I love a good bargain and I’m sure everyone too. In this post, I’m going to share cheap waxing kits that I scoured on eBay.

There are hundreds of beauty supply online, believe me, it can be confusing and like me, you will end up carting in more that you wanted. Who doesn’t love beauty store? These kits are perfect for you to save money, it is small and does not take up a lot of space.

If you really want to own your own waxing kit on a budget, look no further. Álthough, you can purchase second hand waxing kits. Some salons do sell it at a fraction of the price. But you won’t know the condition, until you buy and use it.

I love thrifting but sometimes I do buy new stuff if it allows me to get more bang for my bucks.

Products listed are totally “in-the-box” new and with good seller’s rating.

Hard Wax Kit


This kit comes with

  • 400g wax beans
  • 20 wooden spatula
  • heat adjustable wax warmer

Hard wax is suitable for bikini, brazilian and underarm

Soft Wax Kit


This is a roller waxing kit. Easy to use with minimal mess. Suitable for all over body hair removal. It comes with

  • 50g roll-on cartridge heater,
  • 2 roll-on wax refills,
  • 20 pieces waxing paper strips
  • 10ml pre wax treatment
  • 10ml post wax treatment

Wax Refills

Wax refills can be easily purchased on eBay. There are many choices to choose from. If you aren’t really sure, I have a post about different types of wax. It covers on the use of different waxes and which wax is suitable for you.

*Pricing is correct, may subject to change and not inclusive of shipping fee.

Currently I’m using the same wax warmer I had for 3 years without any problem. It is cheap and durable. Heating my wax usually takes about 20-25 minutes on high heat with the cover on. Don’t forget to turn back heat to medium level. As it is adjustable, you can decide which heat level is good as room temperature can effect viscosity of the wax.

The price and the items that you will be getting is worth the money. You’ll get a FULL BODY waxing kit and everything is under a hundred bucks. You be the judge.