Brazilian Waxing At Home

I dedicate this post to introverts who hate salon visits and how you CAN do your brazilian at home. It could be so many reason on why you want to go bare and chose not to get it done at the salon. Some people are shy by nature, they simply dread appointments, especially a brazilian. Most of us prefer to get a fixed therapist to get ours done, but sometimes it can be impossible when their schedule is tight and you can’t push appointments anymore because your bush is denser than the Amazon rain forest. Just saying.

My last straw was when I had a grumpy therapist assigned for my waxing. Maybe she must have had a bad day. I gave my utmost empathy and respect to service workers as their job is not easy, attending to client’s every beck and call.

Here are my quick guide to take things in your own hands and do your brazilian waxing at home.

List Of Things You Need

My mum’s golden advice. Don’t skimp on yourself. Get the best stuff.

Adjustable wax warmer. I have never seen wax warmer without settings, but just in case, get the adjustable ones. You need the wax to melt at a high temperature then adjusting to a lower heat prior to waxing, to not scald the skin. Wax that is not properly heated will not spread well on the skin compromising the efficacy of the wax. I won’t recommend the microwavable wax either.

Hard wax. They come in beans or a big slab of wax. Some brand specific wax warmers are made to fit their own brand of wax, which always come in a can. For wax that comes in slabs, you can break into smaller pieces to fit in the warmer. Hard wax grips on the hair and not on the skin, it is suitable for sensitive areas like brazilian, underarms and facial hairs.

Spatula. I’d recommend you get the disposable ones. These wooden spatulas are individually wrapped. I’d say no double dipping, but if you can ensure on your cleanliness, you can go ahead and use 1 or 2 spatulas in a single session.

Plastic or paper sheet. You sit on this to catch dripping wax. Wax is difficult to remove on fabric. It is best to have a layer of plastic or paper sheet to prevent messy drips. I’d also get a bin nearby to toss away used wax.

Tweezer. I prefer the slanted ones better. They are easier to tweeze out hair. The tips are finer. Just be very careful not to drop the tweezer as it can cause the tip to get blunt.

Coconut oil. I’m a believer for everything coconut oil. I use this for post waxing to cleanse and moisturize. These are cost-effective and easily found in household. It is anti-inflammatory, hydrates skin as well also removes wax residues on skin.

Big wall mirror. You need this to see how and where you apply your wax. The bigger, the better!

Courage. Brazilian waxing is not for the faint-hearted. It takes guts to strip those hairs away in one pull. A lot of time, we might chicken out only after applying the wax. That is a little too late, isn’t it? Remember, deep breath, exhale and one quick pull.

I list things that I use specifically but you can always get a full waxing kit. Most sales staff are quite accommodating and will recommend whatever you might need for waxing.

Painless Brazilian Wax? Err…

Let’s get deeper to this topic.

Fear will cause our body to tense up and waxing will become an agonizing session. Our brain does all the thinking and will send messages to the body whenever we feel fear or receiving a threat. That is when the flight and fight response kick in. In natural response to the adrenaline rush, our body gears up to spring up to fight or to flight.

During waxing, if your adrenal is revved up, you are going to get jumpy and every ounce of pain is going to make you want to jump up the roof. This will make you want to give up because the pain is unbearable. So…

The trick is to relax.

Apply your wax in small areas. Don’t get too ambitious.

However, your nerves are more sensitive when your menses is due in a few 2-3 days. Work around your schedule and try to get your waxing done after your menses.


After all that nerve calming lesson, let’s start prepping those areas.

Wash area with warm water using mild cleanser. Just get it squeaky clean. The warm water however, will open up the hair follicles making it a little easier for hairs to be pulled out from the roots. Based from personal experience, this step makes all the difference.

Get hairs to be at least 1/4 length. Trim if needed. This ensures the wax coats the hair well. If it’s too long, chances are your hair will break during the waxing. You will end up with undesirable rough finish, if you get what I mean.

Wax Temperature

You should heat up your wax 30 minutes prior to waxing. This will give ample time to melt. Adjust setting to highest. Once it reaches a consistency of honey, it is time to turn down the heat to medium and wait 5 to 10 more minutes before using. If it is runnier that honey, chances are it is too hot. Be cautious and always test on a small area of skin first. Scalding yourself with wax down there is no fun.

Get Down To Business

Get yourself seated in front of your mirror and get your back supported.

After having full view of everything, every nook and cranny, test your wax first. Your inner wrist is the area most sensitive to temperature.

Start at the perineum. I always work in 2 section, right and left.

After applying wax on both sides, let it cool and harden. Usually around 2-3 minutes when it is still pliable and not brittle.

Remember, the relaxing technique. Inhale, pull wax(against hair growth) swiftly and exhale at the same time. Apply pressure with palm of your hand. This will lessen the pain.

Work your way to the labia minora, doing one side at a time, avoiding the clitoral area.

Basically that is how you are going to get it done, working your way up till the pubic. Wax in small area.

Tweeze any broken hairs away.

I’d wax the same area up till 2 times, only if you must. It can cause irritation and redness.

The whole session could take me around 30 minutes.

After you got everything off, take a piece of cotton square, apply coconut oil on skin and give yourself a pat at the back. No matter what, you have done yourself a great job. It will get easier and less messy


You can save a lot if you are able to wax on your own. Personally, if something needs to be done long term, I will try to find ways to keep it cost-effective.

I managed to get it done at home and above guide are based on what always works for me.

Do you do your own waxing as well? Share your tips and tricks in the comment section.