About Me

Introducing Myself


Hi, welcome to prowaxingathome.com. I’m Sarina, a stay home mom to 2 kids (and a husband) who loves reading and blogging. My current interest is about holistic medicine and food nutrition. I also love new beauty finds and always in favor of natural beauty.

When I was 13, I told my mom I wanted to be a beautician and work in a beauty centre. However, my first job was a waitress in a small, run down hotel’s coffeehouse. With a twist of fate, I accidentally stumbled upon a nail technician job posting in the newspaper, looking for an on the job training staff. I remember sitting in the waiting lounge watching all the ladies engaged with their own customer. The boss’s assistant, with big hair and big eyes came and told me to stay if I like what I’m seeing. I was not hired yet but I was already feeling excited to start work. That was the beginning. Over the years I was introduced to many beauty services. One service that I absolutely can’t do without is waxing. I believe there many people out there who prioritize waxing than any other beauty services.

My Goal

I love spending hours at salon wholesale stores. I enjoyed DIYs at home beauty videos. These are some of the skills that will help you if have to miss monthly or weekly appointments to the salon, in my humble opinion. I have been doing my waxing at home for 14 years, on my own, at the comfort of my own home. With patience and practice, it is possible. I have compiled great products for waxing and beauty  here to suit whatever your needs. Feel free to contact me if you have any other inquiries or product info at sarina@prowaxingathome.com

Save More

If you love salon visits but loathe the expenses that comes with it, this is the place for you. Take a look around and find your beauty info here.



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