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5 Mini Facial Wax Kits

In this post, I have compiled a list of 5 mini facial wax kits. These kits are small, heats up using microwave and is convenient for traveling or just for home use. It uses hard wax and does not require any strips. Hard wax is great for sensitive areas as it only grips the hair instead of sticking on the skin, minimizing skin tears.

August 2020, we are still not over the pandemic wave just yet. Most salons are accepting limited number o f clients and most probably you will end up in their long waiting list.

That peach fuzz or the annoying mustache has started growing, you had been shaving and tweezing for the past few months and you are so done with it. Let’s face it, shaving is a fast solution but you have higher risks of getting the “shaving shadow”.

Dark hair is the culprit here. Shaving cuts hair, creating a blunt end making hair growth against your skin more prominent. Or even worst, ingrown hairs!

Waxing removes hair from the roots so hair will grow in a tapered way and looks more fine compared to shaved hair.

There are hundreds of different products on the market. Choosing a good facial wax kit can be a “major decision”.

If you are indecisive as I am, then this list is made just for you!


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GiGi Strip Free Microwave Formula Hair Removal Wax

GiGi has been a salon supplier and a leading brand for salon quality epilation for decades. Made in the US and 100% cruelty-free. They formulated different range of waxes and pre/post epilation products to personalize every customer’s needs.

Surgi-Wax Facial Hard Wax 1 oz

The first epilation cream was pioneered by Surgi back in the 1950, by surgeons using depilatory creams to gently remove hair before surgery. It has since evolved and starts producing range of hair removal needs, including hair bleaching kits. Due to its clinical background, Surgi has gain trusts among its users as a safe brand for their safe and gentle hair removal creams.

VidaSleek Hard Wax Kit

Founded in the 1980s by a cosmetologist, Hana Roda, VidaSleek boasts product ranges made of 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and an eco-conscious brand. Even this hard wax is made with plant-based chlorophyll, which has a soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Parissa Hard Wax

Parissa’s first formula was created by Aza Moayeri, right from her kitchen in Vancouver. Due to the lack of natural alternatives for hair removal in the Canadian market, it was an opportunity for her to start her home based venture which has now expands globally. All Parissa’s product is manufactured, shipped and packed in its own eco-facility.

Bliss Poetic No Strip Wax

Started as a spa back in 1996, Bliss has evolved, producing an extensive range of skin and body care formulas. They prioritize on creating clean products following the European Union standard, the strict and highest for skincare safety. Their products are free from 1,300 harmful substances, cruelty-free and offers vegan skin cares as well. Their straight-out-of-the-spa hard wax is formulated with chamomile oil that is gentle on sensitive skin.

The Cons

These are great brands to begin with. Apart from being easy and convenient to use, microwaveable wax has their common complaints and bad reviews but usually are easy to solve.

Wax is too runny. This happens due to overheating. For example, in a normal salon setting, wax are required to be heated 30 minutes before appointments. It will be heated on high to thoroughly melt wax and then readjusted to medium heat. To resolve runny wax, allow for it to cool down few minutes before use. It must be a consistency of honey. Test wax on your inner wrist first.

Does not remove hairs. Wax must be applied in the direction of hair growth and pulled against hair growth. Go over with few more strokes applying a bit of pressure to make sure all hairs are covered with wax.

Wax breaks apart and sticks to skin. This usually happens when wax was applied thinly or it was left on for too long. During application, the wax must be as thick as a nickel, making sure the edges are smooth. This keeps wax pliable and easier to remove. Do not wait too long for wax to harden up. I’d say wait at least 1 minute and you can start checking on the wax.

Wax takes too long to melt and does not melt evenly. Wax requires a bit more time to melt thoroughly. However, with microwaveable wax there is a high chance of overheating and you will end up breaking the pot, making an even bigger mess. Try to heat up in intervals instead of going high continuously. Check and stir your wax every now and then.

My Final Say On Facial Wax Kit

If you have trouble with your facial wax kit even after following their instruction to a T, try the tips above. Hard wax requires a bit(just a bit) of learning curve.

I prefer to recommend hard wax kit compared to facial wax strips as I find hard wax performs better for facial areas.

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I hope you enjoy this article and if you have any good hard wax kits recommendations, do let me know in the comments section.