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2 Best Numbing Gel For A Less Painful Wax

Numbing creams are very useful if you want a less painful wax (or totally painless). We all have our fair shares of traumatized pain story from waxing.

These are simply the main reason why most people chose to abandon the idea of waxing.

Well, good news is here.

Gone were the days of painful waxing.

Say hello to numbing gels!

There are various types of numbing gels or creams sold over the counter. These are formulated with different numbing ingredients like benzocaine, tetracaine and the common and widely used is, lidocaine.

The strongest OTC numbing cream are allowed by the FDA, to only go up to a maximum strength of 5% as numbing ingredients in big doses can cause dangerous side effects. Unless you have prescriptions, it is better to stick to over the counter numbing products.

These products block or numb the nerves on specific areas offering temporary relief from pain that lasts approximately 60 minutes.

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GreenCaine Blast 4% Anesthetic Gel

>>Greencaine Blast<<

Greencaine Blast comes in a gel form with 4% of lidocaine. It is non-greasy, with skin permeation enhancers and soothing agents like glycerin, aloe vera and jojoba oil.

Formulated, produced and packed in US, in an FDA supervised facility, Greencaine focuses on producing professional salon-grade products at an affordable price.

Greencaine Blast was created initially for waxing purposes but have many successes with other treatment procedures like, microblading, laser treatments and tattoos.

Topicaine 4% Numbing Gel


>>Topicaine 4%<<

Topicaine numbing gels are manufactured by ESBA Labs, a minority and woman-owned business in the US. They launched their first waxing products and accessories back in 1995, Sensational You Wax. They even produced their own nifty waxing spatulas with thermometer. Smart eh.

They have impressive ranges of products related to pre and post hair removal care.

Topicaine 4% is in a gel form, it ensures precise application and claims to numb skin for up to 2 hours. This product also contains skin soothing ingredients like aloe vera and jojoba oil. It is non-greasy and washes away easily.

How To Use Numbing Gels

Topical numbing products are to be applied 1 hour prior to treatments. Apply in a thick layer (thickness of a penny). The longer they stay, the longer the duration of numbness.

Even though over the counter numbing products are generally safe, apply a patch test or seek advice of your health practitioner first before using.

Results May Vary

Numbing gels may not be effective for you.

There have been reports and studies that show anesthesia may not be as effective on certain individuals for some unknown reason.

One little example is when my epidural ( anesthesia) refuses to work so I have to deliver my baby in agony.

It baffled practitioners, as some people require stronger percentage of anesthesia or it does not work at all.

This is a similar scenario for numbing gels. It can help to desensitize the skin, but sometimes it does not really eliminate the pain or discomfort.

Give Waxing A Chance

If you have been shying away from waxing, it is worth giving numbing products a try. Most are offered at an additional cost in waxing parlors. Or preferably you should get a bottle, which will be more cost effective.

It is even recommended to use numbing creams for brazilian (the most dreaded area for waxing).

Now that help is here, perhaps this is the best time to try waxing.

If you have any experience about waxing with numbing gels/creams and would love to share some great brands, let me know in the comments section.